House of Sand

"Jacob is an effective, efficient and compassionate communicator. 

His work is sublime! I always get so excited when he sends me the first draft of a new video - its like I can see my work in a whole new light. It helps me to believe in what I do, he helps me to see the value in my work and then he elevates it to a new level. He is kind, generous and excited about every project I fling his way. I feel so much confidence in his continuous curiosity for what he does. His desire to keep evolving as an intelligent, articulate and joyous film maker makes him so exciting to work with. 

I didn’t used to think I liked dance film, but then Jacob came along.

Thank you for all your incredible work Jacob"

House of Sand is the creative, collaborative partnership between Charley Sanders and Eliza Sanders.

The Canberra/Wellington based company has proven itself to be one of Australia and NZ's most exciting emerging theatrical forces since its initial induction in 2015. Charley and Eliza offer dance theatre from an unexplored perspective, leaning into the weird and helping audiences leave the theatre experience feeling a range of complex ideas.

"We’ve worked with around forty collaborators in two countries and six cities and partnered with seven venues to present twelve seasons at six festivals. We build tight-knit family style groups of collaborators, which allows us to embrace the transience of working in many different places. 

We explore what it means to be a citizen of the world by looking towards the very personal, intimate and specific. And we’ve developed a methodology which brings the idea of global/local citizenship into the body, the muscles and the guts, and results in a signature aesthetic: visceral, expressionistic, and slightly absurd." Eliza and Charley Sanders.
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