Two Tale

"I've been working alongside Jacob since he understood the most basic functions of a digital camera. Any idea I take to him about a video for my music, he never fails to discuss the logistics, the practicality and the achievebility in ways I can understand, involve me in the production process and excite me about the work. His ability to conjure emotion from the visual, physical and non-diagetic elements of a video, no matter the subject, regularly astounds me, and increasingly so recently. You'd have thought I'd be used to it by now. Always improving, always aware of what it is that he's able to do well but always seeking out challenging, new ideas to broaden the scope of what he's able to offer. The end product won't just be good, it will leap from the screen. It'll stand out, it'll excite you to watch. And you'll have worked alongside one of the most loyal, consistently excellent upcoming filmmakers you could hope to find, who'll be ready to do it all again when your next project is ready to go."


Two Tale is the solo project of Melbourne musician Micah Edmonds. Conceptually-driven, the original, off-kilter introspective music is deep and thought provoking in it's huge sound whilst also remaining delicate lyrically. Two Tale's debut album 'House Parties' was released in 2019.

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